Soufian was born in the Moroccan desert in October 1982, he discovered the Oud at the age of 15 and studied with master Hafid boudribila for two years before he left to study in France where he played Arabic-Andalusian music with bands featuring Algerian and French jazz musicians.

He came to the UK in 2004, he has been teaching the Oud and performing as a soloist and with several London based bands. 

He formed KARAMA in 2011 and it became today a popular band in the British world music scene. 

His deep knowledge in classical Arabic, North African and Gnawa Sufi music traditions earned him the status of a virtuoso player.

Soufian's music is rich in empathy for the immigrant and the oppressed, his compositions featured on many radios and TV channels including the BBC, ITV, MBC and Al Ghad Al Arabi.

He has performed at many prestigious venues including the Royal Albert hall, Royal festival hall, National theatre, Royal opera house foyers, St Paul’s cathedral, King’s place, Fulham palace, V&A and the British museum…